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Getting Started

Well, the weather has been frightful but the season delightful. Our new life is basically started here in the upper ranges of the high Uinta mountains and we are getting settled into our new roles, mine building out wireless networks, something I have been doing now for 15 years, yet am more excited about this project than any previous. Suzanne, well her role is to help get Logan past the terrible two’s which he started about 6 months early. Our thinking is that since he is already past 3 feet tall that these are triggered by height and not age.

As I get used to my new colleagues at work Suzanne has been exploring our new area. So far she has found malls, play centers, rec centers, mom groups, more shopping, Wal-Mart, parks and the Library. Me…Wal-Mart…

I think the biggest challenges has been the humidity, or complete lack thereof. I am having flashbacks to living in Cheyenne, except Evanston is a bit smaller, yet the terrain and general area is completely different. In Cheyenne you felt the end of the world was about 15 miles east of town, where in Evanston you feel like you are at the gateway to beauty in every direction.

Here we were playing in the park one nice day enjoying the snow!




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